Zulily: Discover the Best Deals for Moms

Zulily: Discover the Best Deals for Moms

Sarah Gail

Raise your hand if you like to find great deals. (Our hands are up!) What if you not only love a bargain, but you also want to find new clothing lines, baby gear, household items, and more when you shop? That’s us for sure! And that’s why we love Zulily so much.

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Imagine if every time you went to a store, it was filled with new merchandise, and the prices were amazing? At Zulily.com you can discover new brands and find things you won’t find at your local retailer, but you’ll need to act quickly, because the supplies are limited and you might miss out on that awesome deal you saw.

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All About Zulily and How it Works

Zulily is based on this great idea that flash sales are fun – we agree - and they help shoppers like us get the items we want at prices we can afford. Sales can be up to 70% off retail price. There are some well-known brands on the site, but you’ll also discover many new brands.

Each day, at 6am Pacific time, a new daily sale begins! That sale can last up to three days, but once something sells out – it's gone! So our first Insider Tip is: if you see it, like it, and like the price, then buy it!

Yes, there are some items on Zulily that are “evergreen,” and you’ll find some brands there permanently, but the majority of the Zulily site is being refreshed all the time, with new product inventory and special prices.

Zulily promises the best price, and they mean it - they will even match the price you find on Amazon or Walmart. That’s serious. They call it their Best Price Promise – and you’ll see that badge when you start looking around.

Another Insider Tip is to shop on Fridays (and then Saturdays and Sundays, too). If you make one order on a Friday, you’ll unlock FREE Shipping on any other orders you make during that weekend. Cool, right?

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Welcome Baby Shop at Zulily

Zulily is divided into at least a dozen Shops, like categories, and they are all filled with awesome stuff you should totally check out, but we want to direct your attention first and foremost to the Welcome Baby Shop.

Here’s where you’ll find super cute outfits for your baby, from the basics like plain or graphic onesies, to outfits from name brands you know and love, like Carter’s and Little Me, to name just a couple. They don’t leave Mom out of the picture either, with their Maternity Shop, stocked with essentials from Motherhood Maternity, Hello Miz Maternity, and more.

Plus they have gear! You’ll be able to decorate your nursery, get your car set up for baby, find all the essentials for feeding your little one, and they’ve even got toys!

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More than Clothes: All the Shops

Beyond Baby clothes, there’s a Toy Shop with amazing things for kids of all ages, a Sneaker Shop, a Beauty Shop with everything from luxury skin care brands to supplements, and more – Outdoor Living, Organizing, Athletic, and oooo Debut Brands! There are so many choices to find what you’re looking for. We’ve found it’s a challenge just to see all the merch they have for sale at any given time, and if you can do it all, we want to hear from you!

Zulily Deals of the Day

And don’t forget the deals! You will 100% want to check out the Best Deals of the Day on Zulily! This shop is updated every day with all the best bargains that won’t last long, so check it out when you’re ready to shop.

This is a perfect chance to become a “Shop Ahead Mom,” someone who stocks up for birthday parties, upcoming family celebrations, holidays, and for annual events like Back to School. We have a friend who does this, and we think she’s a genius.

Not only does she have a stash of supplies ready for almost any occasion (yes, she’s THAT mom), but she also got in the habit of buying a set of baby clothes and kids’ clothes in the next size up so she was always ready for that inevitable and yet always inconveniently-timed growth spurt! She’s a planner – and Zulily lets her do that and stay on a budget, too!

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Cold Weather Shop

This is the time of year when we all need more fleece, down jackets, boots, hats, and mittens! And the Zulily Cold Weather Shop is there for you, with a terrific selection of clothes and gear to keep you and your family cozy this season.

Reminders and Alerts

The people at Zulily don’t want you to miss out on the great deals they offer, so they will make sure you don’t forget! If you put things in your cart and then have to chase down a kiddo before you complete your purchase, you’re sure to get a message from them reminding you to come back. If you don’t get back in time, you may miss out on that deal, but don’t worry – there are always more where that came from!

Be sure to check out Zulily before you go shopping at the Mall. We bet you’ll find great deals on all the things you’re shopping for, from baby clothes to home furnishings, and – quite literally – everything in between.


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