Weekly Meal Prep for Moms by Prep + Rally

Weekly Meal Prep for Moms by Prep + Rally

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Dini Klein is a chef, food media personality and founder of Prep + Rally, a meal-prep service emphasizing simple, nourishing and flavorful food. As a working mother, Dini understands the need for accessible and easy dishes that can be prepared in between work calls and diaper changes!

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Prep + Rally subscription offers you meal prep ideas along with the weekly plan PDF which includes menus, instructions and comprehensive grocery list. You can make any modification to make the menu well for you!
Dini prepared a sample Monday to Thursday meal prep plan for moms by cooking simple yet delicious recipes below:
- Salmon fish sticks with green goddess dip, lemony smashed potatoes, green beans
- Shawarma bowls with tahini lemon-shawarma dressing
- Loaded chicken niçoise salad with green goddess dressing
- Cheesy quinoa spinach bake
Dini’s plan works best if you spend some time on Sunday (or any other day you’d like to tackle your prep) to prepare 8 or so staple dishes that will then be creatively assembled throughout the week.

The plan simply consists of 3 parts and starts with a very explanatory Shopping List for all the items you need for your weekly menu. Once you ensure all the ingredients, the action starts - Preps is the second part where you prepare all the main dishes, finally to be assembled as the Recipes, taking less than 15 minutes each time.
All meals are designed for family of four but you can always halve or double the recipes as needed!

You can download your first Prep + Rally weekly plan here and “save your sanity”! :)
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