To you from Hey, Milestone

To you from Hey, Milestone

Renske Gosselink

Any minute now, you'll be able to hold your baby for the first time. A moment you'll never forget! The Moms on the Hey, Milestone team all remember that day as if it were yesterday. In the months and years that have followed, we’ve gained some experience and wisdom we want to share with you. Things we wish someone had told us!

6 Most Important Things We Know About Motherhood

1. Don’t Worry So Much About Being Prepared

Of course you want to prepare. Of course you want to read everything you can about babies and parenting. Of course you have a list a mile long of products other moms rave about. But do you really need every single thing that’s on that checklist? Probably not! At least not in the very beginning. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to get everything done and perfect before your baby arrives. Perfection is not achievable and trying to get there just makes things harder. The truth is, there are only a few key things you absolutely must have on the day your baby is born. So relax.

2. Because It Will Be Fine

We know you want to be the best mom ever and we think you’re going to do a great job! Surround yourself with people who are supportive and positive, and who make you feel good. There are thousands of ways to be a good mom, which is a great thing to remind yourself if someone tries to criticize your choices. You’ll know your baby better than anyone else, so trust yourself. You’ve just taken on the hardest and most rewarding role of your lifetime, and you’re just the Mom to do it!

3. Reach Out for Help When You Need It

Motherhood is physically and emotionally demanding, and it’s okay to ask for help or get a break; it doesn’t make you a Bad Mom. In fact, recharging your batteries with some ‘you’ time is as important for you as it is for your baby. Reach out to your family, your circle of friends, or a trusted babysitter. Maybe you and a mom friend can take turns watching each other’s babies for an hour or two, just to give each other a breather. If it fits your budget, you can consider hiring a Doula, a professional who is trained to support women during or just after labor or during the postpartum period. But it’s not about spending money; it’s about making sure you get the help you need.

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4. And Pay it Forward

You’ll soon understand just how precious – and at the same time precarious – that new baby’s life can be. Some babies and moms need a little extra help to thrive, and you may be in a position to help. Consider donating your baby’s cord blood to save a life. Or maybe you’ll be able to donate your oversupply of breast milk to babies whose moms are having trouble. There are services that can deliver meals to families in a time of need, or maybe you can lend a sympathetic ear to someone who just needs to vent. What might seem small to you may be a big help to someone else. 

5. Use Your Words

Becoming a mom will change you. We were told this when we became new moms, too, but didn’t fully realize what it meant at the time. It’s not just that you turn into a mom overnight, it’s that everything in your world realigns to focus on one single human being: your baby. It’s so all encompassing, that it might be difficult to handle. Communicate your feelings. Blog, journal, talk with an online community, set up a call or text message session, or even a face-to-face chat. Having an outlet will do wonders. You’ll realize you are not alone, and that your feelings are normal. 

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6. Enjoy the Ride!

People will tell you to savor every moment, because it’ll be over before you know it. And it’s true, although some days will feel like weeks! You don’t have to love every minute of parenthood, because that’s not going to happen. Don’t feel guilty about not being overjoyed with every minute… You’re not overjoyed with every minute of your life, now, either, right? ;) Everything you’ll go through as a Mom is a phase and will pass – and you will get through it! In fact, there will come a time, in the not-too-distant future, when you’ll think back and wish: if only I could be back at THAT point! So enjoy the moments while you can - as much as you can, take the good with the bad, the ups with the downs, and know that over the years, many, many more of all of them will come.

We hope that sharing this will help you feel even more excited and confident about caring for your new little one. 

Congratulations, Mom! 

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