Don’t Bring Baby Home Without A Swaddle

Don’t Bring Baby Home Without A Swaddle

Charlotte Torris

It goes without saying that keeping baby calm, comfortable and content is always top of mind. And for newborns especially, the question is often: how can we get them to sleep? Swaddling offers babies a sense of security, keeps them warm, assists in calming their startle reflexes and, overall, aids in better sleeps. That
means you, in turn, have a better sense of security – and often a better night’s sleep, too. So find a slice of muslin magic and listen up: here’s how you get to the place of peaceful sleeps.

One: Fold your swaddle into a diamond shape, then place baby on their back in the center with shoulders just below the fold.

Two: Place baby’s right arm alongside body, slightly bent. Take the same side of the swaddle and pull it securely across baby’s arm and chest, tucking the fabric under the baby. Leave the left arm free.

Three: Fold the bottom of the swaddle up and over baby’s feet. Tuck the point of the fabric into the top of the swaddle.

Four: Place baby’s left arm alongside the body, slightly bent. Take the remaining swaddle, and wrap it over baby’s arm and chest, tucking the fabric under baby to secure the swaddle.

You may notice that between three and six months baby is fussing or fighting their way out of the swaddle. That may be their way of letting you know they’ve graduated, and that’s quite alright. But don’t be quick to throw your swaddles away; the real magic of muslin is in its versatility. (Hint: Use them for everything – clean ups, stroller blankets, tummy time mats, breastfeeding covers – the list goes on and on.)

Ready to put your baby and your worry to rest? Find a swaddle or swaddle set that’s right for you. Life’s a little more fun when you can relax. And our charming prints? Well, they don’t hurt.


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