What Deserves A Spot on Your Baby Registry

What Deserves A Spot on Your Baby Registry

Charlotte Torris

What to Ditch—and What Deserves Prime Billing—on Your Baby Registry

Setting up a baby registry can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Where to begin? How about in the right direction! We sat down with our friends at MyRegistry.com and discussed the best out-of-the-box registry gifts you shouldn’t live without—PLUS all the things you can. Read all about them after the break.

MyRegistry.com is a universal registry platform where you can aggregate everything you want onto a single, manageable list. Want to add ten different onesies from ten different stores? Done. Just install their “Add to MyRegistry” browser button and start curating your dream registry. 

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DITCH: The traditional bedtime story

Sure, Mother Goose is a classic. And Eric Carle is a legend. But the children’s literary world has really expanded since you were a kid! You’d be surprised to find what more you can fill your favorite little reading nook with!

DESERVING: A whole new world of books

There are so many wonderfully brilliant baby books you can check out for a modern spin on literature. Plus, take a look into book subscription boxes - yes, they exist for babies, too! If you’re a more adventurous family, create a cash gift fund at MyRegistry.com for interactive classes at your local library to enjoy when baby is a bit older.

DITCH: The extra-expensive stroller with added storage

You tell us which sounds better: an extra $200 for a convenient little iPhone holder or saving that money for baby’s college fund (or a little mama spa time)? That expensive stroller you’re looking at is honestly just a money pit.

DESERVING: Stroller accessories

Stroller organizers, hooks, and cup holders can all be found at your favorite online retailer. The best part? Each item is inexpensive when compared to that unreasonable extra-storage stroller. So get yourself a cost-efficient, yet sturdy set of wheels, then trick it out!

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DITCH: The changing table

Your mommy friends may gasp in horror, but you really don’t need a changing table. Luckily, there are plenty of money-saving options that’ll grow with baby! Once you find a piece you love, share it with everyone so they can save a little, too!

DESERVING: 2-in-1 everything

Save on space with a 2-in-1 crib and changer with drawers! Buy a foam topper and you’re set. You’ll love the added storage it provides. Once your baby outgrows the need for the foam topper, you can convert the piece into a timeless dresser or nightstand! Bonus points if you can convert the crib into a toddler bed!

DITCH: Generic pacifiers

Your baby is probably going to need pacifiers throughout the teething phase. Yes, you can get a 10 pack of plastic ones, but don’t you want teething to be a little more fun? Do a little more digging to discover some really sweet alternatives.

DESERVING: Teething trinkets

Hop on Instagram or Pinterest and you will find a plethora of adorable teething trinkets and toys. Think: pink pretzels, pastel chew necklaces, or even pacifiers with cuddly stuffed toys attached. You know you’ve made the right choice when baby can get a little playtime in between the pain! Ouch!

DITCH: Basic nursery decor

Face it: all your mommy friends have that same little rug from that same big box store. It might be a cute and versatile piece, but you don’t want to be like everyone else. It’s time to break the mould and create a one-of-a-kind nursery for your baby.

DESERVING: Handmade items from local artisans

This doesn’t have to mean decor from a neighborhood boutique (read: expensive). Online stores like Etsy are rife with artisan-made decor items from around the world—and most items are reasonably priced. Find quilts from Mexico, wall art from Greece, and even rugs from Lithuania. Whatever you find, baby’s nursery will stand out and inspire creativity for years to come!

Hopefully, these pieces will inspire you to add other wonderful products in prep for your baby’s arrival. Most importantly, there’s no limit on number off gifts you can have with MyRegistry, so keep adding to your heart’s content!


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