8 Essential Apps for Parents-To-Be

8 Essential Apps for Parents-To-Be

Burcu Kaya Walschot

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Modern parents have a tool our folks didn’t: a smartphone. 

That means you have a whole world of tools (literally) in your back pocket to help you as you’re learning to care for your little one. 

We’ve rounded up our favorites to help make adding them to your home screen easy.  

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1. Pregnancy Countdown

Created by the experts at The Bump, Pregnancy Countdown has everything you need to know when you want to know it for every stage of your pregnancy. 

Available for: iOS, Android

2. Peanut

Meet other moms with Peanut. This app shows you like-minded moms in your neighborhood, sort of like Tinder. It’s designed to make learning from and meet up with other mamas.

Available for: iOS, Android

3. Time your contractions 

Keep track on your contractions when D day is there with this Contraction Timer. Know when it's time to hurry to the hospital. 

Available for: iOS, Android

4. BabyConnect

There’s a lot of data to keep track of to make sure your baby is where they should be. BabyConnect makes tracking feeding, diapers, sleep, mood, activities, medicines, photos, and more so much easier (especially if you’re not sleeping as much as usual).

 Available for: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire - including Alexa, Google Home & Siri

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5. BabySee

Many parents wonder what their baby can see when they gaze up from their bassinet or stroller. Can they see my face? What about colors? Make it crystal clear with BabySee

 Available for: iOS

6. White Noise for Baby 

No need to run the vacuum cleaner (like your mom did, once upon a time) to generate white noise. This app has 20 perfectly looped ambient sounds (plus 10 classical music selections) to help lull your kiddo to sleep. 

Available for: iOS, Android, Amazon devices

7. Family Album 

Loved by more than 5 million users, FamilyAlbum helps you securely save and share photos with friends and family. Plus, you can choose to make monthly photobooks of your favorite snaps!

Available for: iOS, Android

8. Baby Monitor 3G

Have two phones? Then you have a baby monitor! At least when you use the Baby Monitor app. Perfect for use at home or when you travel. 

Available for: iOS, Android, desktop, Apple TV 

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