What to think of when baby proofing your home

What to think of when baby proofing your home

Renske Gosselink

Your baby might start to move by herself and maybe even on all fours! Her curiosity can take her far enough quickly. So, do not leave her unattended as your home can actually become dangerous. Wondering what to start with? 



You can find all kinds of products for baby safety on the market, but remember that it is above all your monitoring that will be the most important to protect baby. So please always keep an eye on her.


Secure your home one room at a time starting with the kitchen.

The kitchen is by far one of the room with the more risks for your baby. Oven, cleaning products, cutting utensils ... dangers are multiple. Start by installing handle blocks to all cabinet doors to prevent baby from accessing the many toxic products and store any sharp utensils far away from your baby's reach.

Then secure the bathroom and never leave your baby by herself in that room. Do not leave anything hanging and put a non-slip mat to protect baby from slipping. Also, remember to empty the bathtub immediately after each bath!

The nursery is the room where she will often remain by herself, so it is important to secure it to the maximum. Start by using a bed with bars or install barrier beds to prevent baby from falling while asleep.



Use outlet covers in each room where baby can go; they are easily accessible and extremely dangerous for baby. Also turn off your unused outlets and hide the electrical cables. This will prevent baby from pulling on it and a lamp falling on her.

If you have stairs or rooms you don't want your baby to go to make sure to install safety barriers.

Also protect the table corners or furniture at baby height with corner protectors.

Finally, do not leave any tool, product or object that can be dangerous for baby at baby's reach. She could get hurt by playing with or even swallowing them. 


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