Anxious about what's coming up? Talk about it!

Anxious about what's coming up? Talk about it!

Charlotte Torris

Dreaming of starting a family and becoming a mother is a wonderful project. Yet it is not uncommon for this great decision to trigger a thousand questions for future parents and especially for the expectant mother.  

It is normal to feel anxiety and ask a lot of questions without necessarily having the answers, especially if you're a first time mom.

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Become a mom without fear: ask your questions! 

'Will I be a good mom?' 'Will I love my baby?' 'Will my child be healthy?' 'Am I going to cope with the pain, the risks of miscarriage? 'What will childbirth be like?' 'How many pounds will I have gained?' 'How will I look after?' 'Is our relationship strong enough?' 'Will he still love me as much after we had our baby?' 'How do I know if I'm ready?'

All these questions are absolutely natural; it would be even worrying if you were not wondering about your future as a parent and the well-being of your future child. It's important that  you feel free to ask these questions, whatever they are! 

Becoming a mother is a great moment in your life as a woman.It is not only a change of your social status, it is above all you being responsible for the life of your child and not just yours anymore. Being able to go beyond yourself to fulfill your child's needs is a wonderful  and rewarding thing; but it is also such a big responsibility that it might be scary.

Becoming a mother is also continuing the transmission of the values handed down from generations to generations by your own mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. So, naturally, you will be discussing the education you have received and the one you want to give.

And about that question of being ready or not.....

Just remember that many women live their first pregnancy without actually feeling ready. It is perfectly normal: becoming a mother is a life transition that has no rule and it is an experience hitherto unknown. Every woman has her own story and therefore her own way of living things.

Your role as a mom

It is your child who will help you understand your role as a mother. You do not become a 'mom' but the mother of your child. The one capable to hearing, understanding and responding best to each of her needs. All children are different, so there is no single, secret recipe to become a mom.

Trust the strength of your love and instinct and feel free to ask for help when you feel the need. You are not alone.

Think about the mom you want to become and think about aligning your behaviors as close to your values as you can to pass it on to your child while feeling fulfilled.


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