Beautiful pictures of your newborn

Tips to create the most beautiful pictures of your newborn

Renske Gosselink

Mariliana Arvelo of Stylish & Hip Kids Photography shares her tips for good newborn photos. 

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  • Take your time- Don’t rush it, just be quick on the draw when the time is right.
  • Use window light! Seriously it’s the best. It’s soft, natural, and directional. Half of studio lighting is an attempt to recreate window light.
  • Feed the baby- A full belly will make the baby happy, and happy babies take good pictures.
  • Create a calm space- Turn on the white noise machine if you need to.
  • Keep the scene simple- Avoid clutter that will distract from your subject. A pretty blanket as your background, a nice one-sie or swaddle, and maybe a stuffed animal and you’re great!
  • Play with the angles- Try from top shooting down, get eye to eye, or move back, just vary it.
  • If you have other kids, include them in the pictures as well. Interaction introduces narrative, and that’s when you get the real human feel.
  • Don’t forget the details- Close ups of the bottom of the feet or their tiny hands can be the cutest.
  • Don’t forget the context- Grab pictures of baby in the crib or on your bed. It’s great to remember not only what your newborn looked like, but how you were living.
  • Don’t force it- One of the great things about photographing your own child, is if they’re crying and not into it, there’s always tomorrow.
  • Give the kid a moment- I consider newborn the first 21 days. Newborns get a little more luster after a week or so. Let them shine!

  • The best pictures are those that capture intimate moments. Using a tripod or grabbing selfies are fun, but they can also distract you from being present with your child and/or your partner. If you want to be in the picture, ask a friend or hire a professional photographer. If you think you’ll want a photographer, book before your baby is born! Afterwards, the last thing you want to be doing is reading reviews on Yelp, figuring out logistics, or deciding who’s portfolio you like best. Babies are awesome and so is your growing family. Make sure you celebrate that no matter what you do!

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