Parenting is hard enough, make feeding your little one easy

Parenting is hard enough, make feeding your little one easy

Charlotte Torris

One more thing you need on your registry! This food processor will be a huge help in making the baby cooking easy! PLUS - you can start using it for yourself right now! 

Using Nutribaby

Cooking ingredients separately is the secret to healthy and tasty cuisine. With Nutribaby, ingredients are cooked separately: all you need to do is start cooking the foods that need to cook for the longest time in the 1st basket, then add the other ingredients to the 2nd basket a few minutes before the end of the cycle.  Steaming each ingredient preserves the nutrients and vitamins and the natural juices fortify and enhance the flavor of each bite.  Babymoov team of experts have designed a simple app '" to help organize and prepare meals for the baby and the entire family.  This FREE app contains recipes for babies various stages of eating as well as recipe ideas for the whole family.

Nutribaby is saving you time in the kitchen and giving you more time to hang out with your little ones. The only baby food processor with 5 different functions, steam cooker, blender & puree, warm, defrost and sterilize.

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Introducing solid foods

Introducing solid foods to your little one should be fun.  Creating a fun and pleasant experience for your baby at mealtime helps to develop your baby's healthy relationship with food.  If you are not relaxed, your baby will sense it and mealtime may be a frustrating experience.  Also, understanding the aspects of healthy eating is important for baby's growth and development and as long as your baby shows signs of readiness, your pediatrician may say you can start solids any time between 4- 6 months.

Your baby will give you signs of their readiness to move beyond formula and or breast-milk. - Cues to look for: 

- head control being able to keep head upright in a steady  upright position

- be able to sit upright in a high chair or infant feeding seat

- losing the extrusion reflex, ready to eat solids when able to move food to the back of the mouth and swallow ( instead of using the tongue to push food out of the mouth)

- shows curiosity about food  

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