Nourish the skin and the soul with baby massage

Nourish the skin and the soul with baby massage

Renske Gosselink

New parents often use nightly baths to help promote baby’s good sleep habits. However the AAP actually recommends bathing babies a max of 3 times a week because frequent water and soap exposure can dry out their delicate skin. With eczema on the rise, replacing baths with moisture massages every few nights can be a healthier way to wind down.  Massage not only helps baby sleep, but has numerous benefits for the skin and the soul!

Here are some of the benefits of massage + our tips on making it easy:

  1. Massage strengthens the skin barrier by pushing hydration into pores and increasing blood flow and delivery of nutrients to skin cells.  
  2. Recent research shows that frequent use of emollients (moisturizers) on skin can even prevent eczema
  3. Massage reduces stress in giver and receiver by releasing serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins – the ‘happiness’ hormones.  These hormones also foster alertness, memory, cognition, focus and learning - so you are literally helping your child’s brain grow!  
  4. Massage promotes consistent sleep by lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and stimulating melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone)  
  5. Massage drains harmful toxins by literally pumping your child’s lymphatic fluid around the body

The benefits are clear, but if the idea of baby massage conjures up images of candles and an unachievable calm in your home, DON’T STRESS!  It doesn’t have to be like that! Bubbsi is a line of clean coconut oil skincare products that are made for baby massage.  Here are our tips:

  • Use what is easy: slathering massage oil on a wiggly babe is no walk in the park. Bubbsi’s Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream is formulated with massage in mind. This deeply nourishing yet lightweight cream squeezes easily out of a bottle and provides the right amount of slip without being greasy.
  • Integrate into existing routines: What parent has time to add another activity to their daily routine?  Use the few minutes while you’re changing your little one into PJs for a quick moisture massage.  Just perform on the changing table or on bed and keep your Bubbsi products handy!
  • Make it expected and fun: Bubbsi bottles are designed to entertain your little ones while you massage.  Make it fun by singing a favorite song or reciting a rhyme. With my four year old, I make car noises (“vroom vroom”) as I massage in circles onto his arms, legs, tummy and back and he becomes a total giggle monkey.

  • The takeaway -- have fun with it and most likely, your kids will too!   



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