Home Chef: De-Stress Your Dinner Time

Home Chef: De-Stress Your Dinner Time

Sarah Gail

I have a confession to make, and it may be a little scandalous, but I do not love cooking dinner on weeknights. I do love eating dinner with my family, though, and using Home Chef lets me do more of what I like and less of what I don’t.

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How did I come to feel this way about cooking weeknight dinners? It might be the repetition: I mean it’s every night, five nights a week, for years, come on! But regardless of the reason, I needed to find a solution, which is why I gave Home Chef a try.

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About Home Chef

Home Chef is a meal prep and delivery service where you choose what you want to eat and they deliver you the stuff to make it happen. Every Monday you’ll get a box delivered, and you just have to make your final meal choices by the Friday before.

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Here’s what I like about Home Chef:

- I can choose the number of meals I want delivered each week - and the number of servings.

- I can choose the types of meals I want, and they have a lot of choices, so it’s very customizable.

- I can double up on protein, I can avoid gluten or dairy if I want (or get extra), and there are even vegetarian and vegan options.

But what I like the most is that they have made the decisions about the menu, done the shopping and the prep, and made it easier for me to get dinner on the table.

Turns out I’m saving money, too. Home Chef Meals start at $6.99 each.

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Saving Time and Reducing Stress

The biggest win for me about using Home Chef is the savings of my time and energy, no question. I used to spend a serious amount of time meal planning, shopping and prepping for the week ahead, and then I would have to spend time preparing and cooking meals every afternoon/evening. It really took up a lot of my brainpower – that I needed for other things!

I’ve made several delicious meals from Home Chef this week and I have to say: I love it. Yes, I really enjoyed eating the food, but it’s more than that. I also enjoyed being relaxed about making dinner. It was a relief to be in the kitchen and know that everything I needed was all right there, in one place, ready to go. 

Some of the food is raw and needs to be cooked, sure, but some things are prepared ahead of time, like shredded cheese, or cole slaw mix. These are huge time-savers, and they actually allow me to have a much more interesting meal than if I were making it all from scratch. Quite frankly, I might not have made all the little extras that are included in a Home Chef meal kit, so that was a bonus.

I’m super happy with the experience of using Home Chef, and I feel like I got back a couple of hours in my afternoon!

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More About How Home Chef Works

With Home Chef, online ordering is simple. Pick your delivery dates and get your box delivered each Monday. Need to skip a week? No problem. They will work with your schedule.

  • How It Works:
    1. Pick Your Meals
    Select delicious recipes each week that fit your tastes and dietary restrictions. Choose your own or try out their suggestions! 
  1. Customize It
    Use their Customize It tool to upgrade, swap, or double up your favorite protein on select recipes. After all, these are your meal kits. 
  1. Cook And Enjoy!
    Your meal kit delivery will arrive at your door with all the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients you need. Use the step-by-step recipe cards to effortlessly create and plate your dishes! 

Whether you want a 15-minute meal or a 30-minute masterpiece, Home Chef has menu options for you.  Give it a try and start saving time and money today!

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Sarah Auerswald is a busy Mom. Home Chef provided meals for review for this article. This is part of an advertising partnership with Home Chef.

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