The Best Online Sleep Training Course

The Best Online Sleep Training Course

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Is there anything better than a good night’s sleep? For some parents of babies and toddlers, that’s something you haven’t had in a long time, and it’s got to be taking a toll. We’ve partnered with Jenni June, a Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant, to help you and your whole family get better sleep.

Getting your child to sleep well means adopting a sleep routine and sticking with it. Jenni recommends that you commit to at least 21 days of consistently following her program for it to become a habit. While it may not be easy every minute, Jenni’s methods have led to success for thousands of families. And she’s there for you every step of the way.

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Jenni June has created an online course that anyone can access, from anywhere, at any time, designed to help the whole family overcome sleep deprivation and have happier, healthier lives. As Jenni says, “Sleep deprivation can bring even the most patient parents to their knees,” so we want you to learn more about this course and Jenni June’s over 10 years of experience helping families. 

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Jenni June Has Helped Thousands of Families Get Better Sleep

Jenni knows how to help you because she’s been there. As a mom of 4 kids, she likes to say that “sleep was survival!” And we can totally relate! Jenni learned the hard way just how important sleep is, and figured out how to sleep better herself. Once she tackled that, she knew she wanted to help other families do it, too.

Certified as a Sleep Consultant in 2011, Jenni began her business by helping families locally, in Southern California, and gained a wider following when she was featured on such TV shows as “The Doctors.” And now that she’s created her online course, parents everywhere can get help with sleep issues affecting their family.

Jenni cares deeply about families that are suffering from sleep deprivation. She loves getting to meet families where they live, once upon a time literally in their homes when she did nighttime consultations, and now virtually, via the course. She’s a mission-driven Mom and business owner, trying to solve this very painful issue for as many families as possible.

The Toddler and Big Kid Sleep course is designed so that you can teach your child to sleep on their own, thus allowing you the chance to do the same! The course is self-paced, meaning you can purchase and complete it on your schedule, instead of having to worry about making it on time for each class session.

The course is affordable, with two price options to fit most everybody’s budgets. Choose from the Lite course or the Elite course. Whatever one you choose, you’ll get Jenni’s expertise and guidance as you navigate the important job of helping your child learn to sleep on their own.

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The Benefits of Getting Good Sleep

Jenni’s experience with families has shown (and science backs this up) that when a child gets enough sleep at night:

  • - they are less anxious
  • - they’re able to handle changes better
  • - they gain confidence
  • - their immune system is strengthened
  • - they’re more patient and cooperative
  • - they’ve got higher self-esteem

Of course the same benefits also apply to parents! Plus you’ll also be able to:

  • - restore the warm relationship with your child
  • - reconnect with your partner
  • - reclaim your YOU time
  • - and when Mom’s happy, everybody’s happy! It’s a win-win!

Learn From an Expert

Jenni June knows a lot about sleep. Her certifications led her to study the science behind sleep and how it helps us thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Over the years, she’s developed what she calls the 4 Pillars of Sleep Hygiene ®, which is a whole-child approach to sleep training strategies.

What’s in the Course?

The Toddler and Big Kid Sleep Course uses a supportive, science-based approach to sleep training, one that Jenni June has been perfecting for years.

Aspects of the course include:

  • - setting up your sleep environment for deep, restorative rest
  • - learning to recognize your child’s true sleep cues
  • - establishing a pre-sleep routine
  • - understanding the optimal timing and length of sleep AND naps
  • - learning the secrets to transforming habits
  • - choosing the sleep training method that works best for your family

In the Lite Course, which costs $99, you’ll get videos with Jenni teaching you the steps you’ll need to take, along with supporting materials to help you be successful, and it comes with 6-month access.

In the Elite Course, which costs $299, you’ll get the same as the in the Lite Course, AND a bonus, private, 30-minute consultation call with Jenni, the ability to join monthly 2-hour group coaching calls, and your own set of Sleep Routine logs.

Sign up for The Toddler and Big Kid Sleep Course via our affiliate link and you’ll have taken the first steps towards getting a good night’s sleep!


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