Three Favorite Nursing positions

Three Favorite Nursing positions

Renske Gosselink

There are many breast feeding positions and variations.  We often find one that works and stick with it, but don't stop at the first one you master! Try multiple positions for maximum comfort and versatility in your breastfeeding journey.  Some positions feel awkward at first, but don't let that deter you from trying!  

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Here are our 3 favorite Nursing Positions:

1. Football Hold
The football hold is the breast feeding position that many mothers find the most comfortable. In this position you tuck baby under your arm just like you would hold a football (on the same side that you're nursing from). The football hold lets you hold your baby's head allowing you to help baby latch.

2. Cradle Hold
 The Cradle Hold is one of the most common breastfeeding positions. The main benefit of the Cradle Hold is that it encourages a more relaxed position and frees up your arm. 

3. Side Lying
One of the best nursing positions for tired moms is the side lying position. This will allow you to get more rest in the early weeks which is something we all know moms need. Although this is slightly more difficult for many, the return is definitely worth it. 


Remember not all women find every position works for them and their breastfeeding baby. Do whatever works best for you!

Photos courtesy of Undercover Mama.


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