Feel empowered with postpartum support

Feel empowered with postpartum support

Renske Gosselink

In 2013, I left my clinical job as a midwife and took a bridge job while starting The Mother Love (a women’s health education company) to fill the gap in maternity care due to the lack of support, care, love and education women have after they give birth (aka…”postpartum”) and how it was impacting clients and the people I loved the most.  

Right at the point when moms need to feel empowered, loved, lifted up and educated, the energy of the health care system in the U.S. totally shifts to your baby. Time and again, I saw overwhelm and anxiety ensue in women and yet there was nothing for me to give my clients to bring them ease and help. No tool. No book that embodied everything women asked me about and for help with postpartum, so I created one.

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Little Mother’s Helper™ is our first love child and designed to help and love you in ways you want after giving birth and settling into motherhood…and it’s great for your partner too. 

Brass tacks. At The Mother Love, we make cool, stylish decks of cards to make reading easy with a baby in your arms or when you’re exhausted. The decks are full of health and wellness information and tools that help you heal after you have a baby - body, mind, heart and soul. We have a sister app that goes with that, but it’s first gen. 

The “mind” section has been said to be the most comprehensive and relatable information on the many faces of maternal mental health – explaining baby blues, PPD, postpartum anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and even postpartum psychosis and how to get help for the varying disorders. We take maternal mental health very seriously, but we also like to have fun. The rest of the deck takes all the real issues you want to ask questions about, but don’t know who to ask, and answers them. There are activities that teach you to build your relationship up, rather than tear it down. Just ask any girlfriend – it can happen when you’re sleep deprived.

We care about your pelvic floor, and scar tissues, and even about your boob issues – so we talk about it just like you would talk to your girlfriend. Word on the street is that LMH is a connection tool and conversation starter for moms. It’s the gift every mom should get at her shower, or from her doctor or midwife. I’m not saying this because I can, I’m saying it because it’s what I hear.

Creating LMH has twirled my world around, bringing more love, more access, and making it easier for women to relate to their health, bodies, and every changing universe during the early years of motherhood. To say the least, LMH is our little love muffin and we are just getting started.

Rebecca Egbert was a practicing midwife for nearly 10 years. Often told she has the energy of 7 people, hard work is part of her cellular body. After starting many businesses, she committed deeply to her entrepreneurial and innovative spirit deciding to take a giant leap away from clinical care, into the health education and tech world. With a hit of intuition and playful communication, Rebecca and her team create fun, accessible and actionable self-care tools that are designed to be used, most importantly, and shared to grow healthy women, strong families, and create connected communities. 

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