Small things that can make big changes smoother

Small things that can make big changes smoother

Burcu Kaya Walschot

There are lots of lists of essentials. But when our friend Renske had her baby a few years ago, she often found herself missing more unusual items —  ones that quickly became must-haves. 

We’ve created a collection of often-forgotten items to add to your newborn starter-pack. 

They should make the transition to parenthood just a little smoother. 

  1. Acrabros Babywearing Wrap

This wrap is designed for babywearing. It has a cozy carrying pouch for baby. 

“My favorite thing to wear and calm the baby anytime during those first weeks,” says Renske. 

  1. Snot Sucker

Technically these are called an “aspirator” but that doesn’t give you the most important info: what it’s used for. 

Unlike bigger kids, babies can’t “blow” into a tissue on-cue. That’s where this tool comes in handy. 

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  1. Sleep Sheep

Trying to lull a baby to sleep can be a challenge some days. That’s why we love the Sleep sheep white noise machine. Shaped like a little lamb, it’s got a hidden sound machine inside.

“White noise worked so well for me in calming her down and letting her fall asleep,” says Renske. 

  1. Sleep Sack

While blankets are great for swaddling, they’re not meant to go in a baby’s crib. Instead, parents these days are using a sleep backs to keep kids cozy while they snooze. 

Renske’s baby didn’t like being swaddled, so she relied on the unique arms-up sleep sack from Love to Dream for the first three months. 

After three months, she switched to a Merino wool sleep sack, “Which is perfect for temperature regulation,” says Renske. 

  1. Infant Bath Tub 

A baby in a bath is definitely adorable. They’re also slippery and wriggly! Before your baby can sit up, it’s important to get an infant tub to support them while getting 

them squeaky clean. An anti-slip surface can help give a little peace of mind, too. 

Renske loves the Naked collapsible bathtub. She says, “It’s an easy bath tub for the first months. It can be placed anywhere and is easy to store!”

  1. Sun Hat and Sunglasses

Fun in the sun starts with safety, especially for little ones. Keeping the sun off your kiddo’s sensitive skin and out of their eyes can help their long-term health and development. 

  1. The Mommy Hook

When you’re rolling with a stroller, it’s hard to keep a hold on much else. That’s why Renske swears by The Mommy Hook

“So much easier to hang everything on your stroller when you're on the go!” 

It fits virtually any stroller and you can use it to tote everything back into the house when you get home.

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