Interview with Paula about the First year of her Baby

Interview with Paula about the First year of her Baby

Renske Gosselink

Name Paula Herrera

Occupation Entrepreneur / Consultant

Babies Theo, 13 months; Maia, 3yo

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A few questions about the first year with your baby! 

Describe your feeling the moment you just came back home with your newborn. That our daughter Maia (23 months at the time) was HUGE! She looked like a little person next to our little bug. And my heart DOUBLED in size.

What & when was the first time you did something just for yourself again? I escaped for a hot coffee and a delicious foot massage at a neighborhood spot in the first few weeks.

Name the thing your partner is the best at doing with your child. Making him laugh! They have this funny unspoken language that is made up of giggling and imitating each other’s (very similar) faces!

Did you nurse your baby? How did that go for you in the first weeks & months? I nursed Theo for 7 months and actually really enjoyed the experience. It was a moment that was just for the two of us. A little escape from the rest of the household craziness!

Or how did (or do) you deal with sleep in the first few months? Did you sleep train? Ohhhh sleep. I just knew it was a phase that would pass and would keep his big sister’s great sleep patterns in mind! We follow the book 12 hours by 12 weeks … but at 16-ish weeks.

How did you deal with the first time you left her for the day? One tip for new moms? Unlike with his big sister, I was not nervous! I knew he would be totally fine. My tip would be to give yourself a moment to be sad, then try to enjoy your independence! Happy mama = happy babe.

How/when did you start on solids? Do you have a fun story about first meals. Theo eats more than his big sister Maia :) We did baby-led weaning and he has led himself to ALL categories of food, at all times. 

What makes her/him laugh the most? For Theo, his big sister is the funniest human on earth. He laughs so hard he gets the hiccups!

What's your favorite game to play currently? At 13 months, he is really into imitating everything that he sees both me and his older sister do. From “cooking” at their play kitchen to taking a conference call on his toy phone to thinking he is a 3-year old toddler (!!!) - he definitely keeps me on my toes.

What was her/his first word? How did it make you feel? Only if applicable already!  Aside from Dada and Mama, both of their first words were “Agua!”. The Dada phase made me a taaaaad jealous, because I made him :)

Name one thing that you did as a parent, you thought you would never do!
No shame, we all did something crazy :) Is it normal to sometimes countdown the hours to bedtime then struggle through the routine only to then stare at photos and re-watch videos of your children? Asking for a friend :)

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