Mom interview with Steffanie

Mom interview with Steffanie

Renske Gosselink

Name Steffanie Possel-Spoorenberg 

Occupation Entrepreneur 

Babies & kids Anne Flo (7 years), Femme Mae (4 years), Sam Jonah (2 months)

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What was one of the best moments in your pregnancy?

Telling our two daughters that they were having a little brother! They were over the moon!! The oldest jumped up and down and came up with the name Sam right away and the youngest hugged us and could only say: “Thank you, thank you!”


What do you wish someone had told you about having a newborn?

With number 3 now, there are not that many surprises anymore. I was a little afraid that I forgot about having a newborn, but as soon as I hold Sam for the first time, everything came back.


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

The baby carrier! In a city like New York and especially with a number 3, this is such an essential. In the first two month of his live, little Sam already joined me on a school trip, to a graduation party, to swimming and gymnastic classes and next week on a flight to Europe. All in his carrier!


What’s your favorite part of being a mother?

Seeing them explore the world and learn something new every day. I always think that the current phase is the best, but it always turns out that the next phase is just as great! And of course the unconditional love and all cuddles, kisses, tickles and laughing.


Do you have a typical mom anecdote that makes you smile?

Sam was a big baby (well over 9 pounds – they called him ‘the little giant’ in the hospital). I think because of his size, he slept for more than 6 hours the first night at home. The next day we called the pediatrics, to proudly ask how many hours he could sleep between feedings. Our doctor said it was a very rare question… And I already forgot his answer as these 6 hours were of course a one-time thing;)

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