Start spreading the news - how to announce your pregnancy

Start spreading the news - how to announce your pregnancy

Renske Gosselink

Congratulations! You’ve got a little baby in your belly. Here’s some things to consider and a few great ideas on announcing your happy news in a memorable way.

Know your audience

The way you share your big news largely depends on who you’re sharing it with. Your parents would likely appreciate a personal touch when they hear about their future grandchild, but your high school classmate will settle for a sonogram picture on Instagram.

You can get all creative with your close-knit friends, but you’d want a straightforward, professional chat with your boss. If you’re not counting down together waiting for the smiley face/+/pregnant/yes to pop up in your home test screen, your partner is probably the first you want to tell. The best starting point for deciding on how to announce your baby-in-the-making is being considerate of your audience.

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Choose your style

There are as many ways to announce a pregnancy as there are pregnant women. Everybody is different and the only way to make it memorable is if your announcement reflects your personality (and your partner’s). After all, it is your news, so it needs to be a moment you would want to remember.

Small can be big

Bear in mind your news is big, so even if your announcement is simple and straightforward the impact will be huge regardless. You don’t have to order a customized onesie that says ‘best Grandma in the world’ to make your baby revelation remarkable. Just saying the words ‘I’m pregnant’ will make your partner as much of a parent as leaving a bun in the oven and tell them to go have a look because you’re making something. Keeping it intimate and small might just be your style, so go for it! 

Mrs. Creative

You’re over the moon and feel your exhilaration deserves some artistic inspiration. Here’s your time to shine if you’re a creative chica. Write a poem and mail it to your cousins, frame your first sonogram and wrap it up as a gift for your Mom, send customized candy with a message or hand it out at a family dinner, surprise your besties with decorated muffins with pacifiers. If you’ve got arty DNA, you’ve totally got this covered. Just let your bump be your muse!

Character clue

Making it memorable is easy with your inner circle since you know them well. Is your husband a big reader? Buy him a classic like Guess how much I love you? with a handwritten message inside. Jobs are a perfect incentive for some personal flair too. Is your brother an editor? Have him proofread a card with the announcement. Is your friend in fashion? Purchase two baby outfits and ask them which is most on trend. Being attentive with the people who mean most to you is a guaranteed tactic for ticking off ‘unforgettable’.

Now, go and start spreading the news. Have fun!


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