First birthday coming up? Remember it's your birthday too!

First birthday coming up? Remember it's your birthday too!

Renske Gosselink

They grow up so fast, don’t they? You’ll no doubt have experienced the truth behind this cliché over the past year. Your baby’s first birthday is fast approaching. Bye little baby, hello toddler! How has this milestone already turned up at your doorstep? We realize you’re currently in heavy first birthday planning mode, but we’d love to share a little wisdom. Remember that your baby’s birthday is your birthday too: the celebration of your first year of parenthood. So, kick back with your partner (and some bubbles) on the couch, cheers to the survival of this life-changing year and take a moment to reflect on all the milestones. In reminiscing, you’ll come to realize how big this year has been and how far you’ve come as a parent.


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Remember the challenges you have overcome. They are different for every parent. Some parents might face bigger trials than others, but we all have to figure out our new role. Remember how you got a grasp of that role – perhaps you transitioned quite smoothly, maybe those first weeks were among the most tumultuous of your life. Remember how time and time again you decided what was best for your baby – perhaps you battled with breastfeeding, maybe you overcame those struggles or you found that your baby’s way was the bottle way. Remember how you discovered how to soothe your sweetie – how you understood that what she needed at 3 months might be different at 7 months. Remember how the dynamic with your partner changed – even if you bicker a bit more (who doesn’t after zero sleep?) you’re still the same people, and that relationship is still there to be nourished.


Celebrate the rewards of parenthood. There are so many and they sometimes get lost in the daily grind. Remember when your baby first smiled at you? Where were you? Who were you with? How did you feel when you heard that first giggle? When you saw him rolling over? When she was able to sit up? Go back to the moment you first saw him crawling. What was the first solid meal you served? Did she enjoy it? Do you recollect the piece of furniture he first pulled himself up to? Perhaps you’ve been able to catch some of these milestones on camera. Now is a great time to watch some of the videos you have: it’s a very sweet way of seeing how much your little one has grown.


Cherish your cutie’s character traits. What makes your bubba unique? Is she a social butterfly, a curious George, a daredevil, a lover of all foods? What are typical things he does? One of the beauties of parenthood is getting to know your baby’s personality. Watch them learn, grow and become their own person. With the first birthday in sight, what a great time to mull over what your little human being is like.  


That being said, good luck on the birthday planning. We wish you and your loved ones a very festive day and many, many more!



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