Interview with New mom Charlotte

Interview with New mom Charlotte

Renske Gosselink

Name Charlotte

Baby Leonie - 6 months

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Describe your feeling the moment you just came back home with your newborn. 

Everything felt so surreal and it was so hard to believe that this tiny human was going to stay with us forever! Well, maybe not forever though I’m secretly hoping she never moves out...

What & when was the first time you did something just for yourself again? 

I went to get a haircut on Mother’s day, so exactly two months after the birth of my daughter.

Name the thing your partner is the best at doing with your child. 

Definitely at making her laugh! 

Did you nurse your baby? How did that go for you in the first weeks & months? 

Yes, I never thought I would enjoy the whole experience as much as I do but everything went super smoothly and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon.  

My baby latched instantly after she was born and has been feeding like a little champion for over 6 months now!   

How did (or do) you deal with sleep in the first few months? Did you sleep train?

I was lucky to have a baby who naturally almost slept through the night since she was about 6 weeks old, but once she turned 4 month old she started waking up more and more… She’s up 2-5 times a night now which is hard, but I’m very pro letting things settle on their own, so hoping they will. 

How did you deal with the first time you left her for the day? One tip for new moms?

I am yet to leave her for a full day, but I’m often gone for half a day or so. Babies are resistant and resourceful little humans, so just leave them with someone you trust and they’ll be fine! Also, stop checking that baby monitor, ha! 

How/when did you start on solids? Do you have a fun story about first meals

I started when she turned 5 month old, we were visiting my family in France. We gave her sweet potato and my whole family had their cameras ready, so happy to be part of that moment. Unfortunately, she cried hysterically and as of today she still hates sweet potatoes! 

What makes her/him laugh the most?

Sneezing! She thinks it’s hysterical. 

What's your favorite game to play currently?

Sitting in front of the mirror with her, she stares at herself and laughs! 

Name one thing that you did as a parent, you thought you would never do!

Buy ugly baby things! My husband and I are a bit design-obsessed and we like everything to be curated. We quickly let go of that obsession because  1) designer baby items are insanely expensive 2) beige toys are boring.

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