Holle USA - For a healthy and on-the-go life!

Holle USA - For a healthy and on-the-go life!

Katherine Romans

Meet Holle USA - An exciting addition to our new FREE Baby Food Sample Box!

Holle USA has been loved and trusted brand in the baby health and wellness community and, now, they have introduced their much awaited purée pouches!

Their pouches are resealable and mess-free: making for the perfect on-the-go snack. They are finely puréed for easy consumption with no added sugar, salt, coloring, preservatives, flavorings or other additives. 

What makes Holle unique? They started as a Western European company and grew because of their reputation of using only raw ingredients grown with biodynamic and organic standards. Their pouches are made from fruits and vegetables that come from Italy in the area of the Dolomites.

Now, parents in over 40 countries turn to Holle for it's unique promise of nutritious and high-quality ingredients. They are deeply committed to using only the best ingredients to provide babies a healthy start in life.

Whether you're just beginning your solid food journey with your baby or you are learning to navigate getting healthy foods to your picky toddler, Holle is a healthy and delicious option. Use their discount today or try our FREE box to give them a try!

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