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Brainiac Kids - Snacks for hungry minds!🥕🍓

Sarah Gail

Meet Brainiac Kids! A very special addition for our new FREE Baby Food Sample Box!

We wanted to create a free sample box full of the most exciting and innovative brands in the baby health and wellness realm and Brainiac Kids was a perfect fit! They know that, as parents, we’re used to obsessing over calcium and protein for healthy bones and bodies, but feeding our kids’ brains is just as important.

Each one of their Brain Squeezers contains Omega-3 DHA/EPA (an essential building block of brain cells), Omega-3 ALA (an essential fatty acid that supports the growth & development of a healthy brain) and Choline (a critical component for connecting out brains 'information super high-ways). 

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a kid that gobbles up salmon and broccoli, they probably aren’t eating it every day. In fact, most kids in the US aren’t getting the level of brain nutrients recommended by the World Health Organization.

On average kids only get 20% of their daily Omega-3 needs but with Brainiac Kids products, kids can get as much as 90%+ of the recommended daily intake of Omega-3's! 

Whether you're just beginning your solid food journey with your baby or you are learning to navigate getting healthy foods to your picky toddler, Brainiac Kids is a healthy and delicious option. Try them today with their offer below or get our FREE box to sample! 

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