Starting Solids + Easy Breakfast / Snack Recipes for Kids

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For a limited time, you can access MamaGuide's digital downloadable guides on Starting Solids plus receive a bonus Easy Breakfast + Snack Recipe list for only $9.99!

What an exciting time it is when your baby is starting solids. We remember that time with our littles. We remember the anticipation, but also all the worries that came during this time--which method is best? What about food allergies? Where do I even start? Our guide will help you to prepare for starting solids with your baby and help ease your mind from all the worries and misinformation on the internet. We got you mama! 

 When do I start solids with my baby? What should be the first food I give my little?Can I give my baby peanut butter? We asked the same questions + compiled all the information for you into a guide, written by a Pediatric Dietitian just for you.

Just feel the stress roll off your shoulder as you learn exactly how to prepare for starting solids with your little one.  Let us journey with you!