Why should you be thinking about tech hygiene?

Why should you be thinking about tech hygiene?

Renske Gosselink

Whether it is to give parents a few minutes of quiet time, or to keep children entertained, handing over a phone or tablet to a child has become a pretty reliable tool to get children excited, quiet and paying attention!  While different viewpoints exist on the extent to which children should be using technology, the reality is that the average American child interacts with multiple screens each week. Through smartphones, tablets and computers, today’s children are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and tech-dependent.

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We believe in the power of technology to help children explore, learn and develop in meaningful ways. Just look at what Google is building to allow students to take virtual reality field trips to anywhere in the world. With all of the good that more devices at home and in the classroom bring, they also bring more...germs. Our hands and devices, constantly in contact with each other, become breeding grounds for lots of nasty grime!

For wellness-conscious parents, it’s important to expand your healthy habits into the ever-important world of tech-hygiene. Did you know that our smartphones are over 18x dirtier than a public toilet seat? YUCK! Also, we are all touching our devices over 140x each day. We bring our phones to the gym, the kitchen, the classroom - and even the bathroom. Our devices are now nearly extensions of ourselves and it’s important that they be treated as such.

When thinking about how to care for your devices, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. First, it’s important to use products that won’t damage your screens or the devices themselves. The major phone, tablet and computer manufacturers recommend against using any products that are alcohol-based as alcohol will slowly break down the anti-smudging properties built into your screens. This is why we made our Spruce & Co screen cleaning wipes free of alcohol or any harsh chemical. On top of that, you don’t want your little ones ingesting any chemicals if they end up with any devices in their mouths after they’ve been cleaned. Next, it’s important not to use a liquid spray that could seep into your speakers or keyboards. Lastly, it’s always a good idea to invest in a screen protector and protective case to help prevent scratching and cracks. The cases made by Incipio are cute and fall-proof!

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