Mindr founder Sarah Lux-Lee tells us about early motherhood

Mindr founder Sarah Lux-Lee tells us about early motherhood

Charlotte Torris

Name Sarah Lux-Lee

Occupation Founder - Mindr

Baby Ella, almost 2yo

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What was one of the best moments in your pregnancy?

My favorite were the quiet moments when I'd be just sitting there reading or grabbing a bite and I'd suddenly remember she was there with me, growing and waiting to meet the world. I loved that constant connectedness and togetherness.


What do you wish someone had told you about having a newborn?

How important it is to figure out what help you need, and to ask for it. As soon as I asked for help, everything got so much better!


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Coffee. Strong and frequent coffee.


What’s your favorite part of being a mother?

I love seeing Ella discover the world. Things are just so interesting to her. She'll spot a plane flying above us, or a cool leaf on the ground, and be so amazed - it's nice to have that constant reminder of how beautiful the world around us really is, and that it's important to stop even amidst the grind and appreciate it.


Do you have a typical mom anecdote that makes you smile?

One of the first times I left Ella was for a conference I had to go to. I was standing around feeling uncertain, and then a very senior member of the conference hurried up to me and said "I've just arrived, I'm so late, I had to find somewhere to pump! What have I missed?" I never cease to be amazed at how much motherhood connects us.


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