Hey, Milestone is the New Noobie Box!

Hey, Milestone is the New Noobie Box!

Sarah Gail

Welcome to Hey, Milestone, your discovery platform for the newest and best products for Pregnancy and Parenthood. We’ve changed our name, but our core mission remains the same as it’s always been: To help support parents during pregnancy and through the first 5 years of parenting your child by bringing you product samples we think you’ll love – and use!

Hey, Milestone was founded by Moms and is run by Parents who care about making the journey of parenthood smoother and easier. As we got busy planning for big things to come, we knew it was time for a new name, and a new look and feel.

Find out more about us on Our Story.

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Hey, our name is new but our sample boxes are the same!

New Name – Hey, Milestone!

Milestones mark the progress along your journey, so we chose our new name to reflect our partnership with you. As your pregnancy advances, we’ll be right there with you, bringing you expert advice, great offers, and product samples for your changing body – and for your little one on the way! 

We love to celebrate the Milestone Moments with you - and they come in all shapes and sizes! The big milestones are amazing, like when you find out you’re pregnant, when you see the first ultrasound image of your little one, when you feel your baby kick for the first time, or when you get ready to bring home your bundle of joy! 

We answer all your questions on our FAQ page.

Once your baby arrives, the milestones continue, so we’ll bring you the latest innovations and tried-and- true product samples each step of the way. Our goal is to allow you to try new things, find out if you like them, and then give you special offers to stock up on your favorites, saving you time and money!

We love it when you share your Milestone Moments with us on social, too, using the #HeyMilestone hashtag. We hope to see not only the biggest milestones, like when your baby first smiles, rolls over, crawls, and walks, but the small ones matter, too! Like when your baby takes a nap on (your) schedule, or when you get a chance to take a nap, too!

Pregnancy Sample Box from Hey Milestone

Order your FREE Pregnancy Sample Box!

Why Free Samples?

We think samples are terrific and Free Samples are even better! Samples let you try before you buy, which means you’ll find out if you like a product before committing to bringing home a case of it. It means you’ll be introduced to new and emerging brands that are working to create products designed for modern parenthood – just as they launch.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for the newest brands, the latest innovations, and the best existing brands on the market. If it’s going to be helpful during pregnancy or for when you have a newborn baby, we want to bring you a Sample!

We think you’ll love the products we collect and curate for each of our Sample Boxes, and if you do, we’ll let you know exactly where to buy them – and we’ll even offer you special discounts from our partners! But the truth is, some products may not fit your lifestyle or parenting style, and that’s OK, too. This way, you’ll know that before you buy instead of after.

Check out the Partner Page to see all the brands we feature in our Boxes!

But why Free Samples? Because everyone loves to get things for free! That’s why we offer Free Sample Boxes and simply charge for shipping and handling.

Newborn Sample Box

Check out the FREE Newborn Sample Box!

What’s New and What’s the Same?

The good news is that almost everything is the same. You’ll still find our Free Pregnancy Sample Box, our Free Newborn Sample Box, and our Free Baby Food Sample Box, also known as our Family Nutrition Box. They’re all still free, with a flat fee for shipping and handling.

Check out the Collection page to see all the FREE Sample Boxes!

What’s new is our name: Hey, Milestone! And the look and feel of our website, social media channels, and our weekly Milestone Emails.  We’re still delivering expert advice, helpful information, and great deals from our partners.

We’re expanding to offer products and services that will support you throughout the first five years of your children’s lives. 

New Sampling Club

We’re excited to announce something super new for 2022: the Hey, Milestone Sampling Club! Coming soon, this annual membership means you’ll never miss out on a sample again. If you buy your box in January, you’ll not only get a terrific Sample Box, you’ll also get updates and additions 4 times during the course of the year. So cool, right?

Stay tuned for more information about the brand new Sampling Club – coming soon!

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We're so excited for you to meet Hey, Milestone!

Hey, Milestone is Here for You!

We’re all about pregnancy and the first years of parenthood. As parents, we’re going through the same things you are, so we’re trying all the samples and reading all the blog posts, too!

Some of the topics we cover on the blog:
- Breastfeeding Tips
- Infant and Toddler Formulas
- Choosing a Nursing Bra
- the Best Breast Pump
- Baby Gear reviews
- Strollers
- Baby Carriers
- Baby Monitors
- Cribs
- Car Seats
- Where to go on a Babymoon
- How Pregnancy Changes your Body
- and so much more!

We’re so glad to be on this journey with you! Even though we've changed our name from Noobie Box, we hope you'll love getting to know Hey, Milestone!

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