Few tips to take the most beautiful pictures of your little one

Few tips to take the most beautiful pictures of your little one

Charlotte Torris

Mariliana Arvelo of Stylish & Hip Kids Photography shares her tips to help you make great baby pictures.

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  • Take your time- Don’t rush it, just be quick on the draw when the time is right.
  • Use window light! Seriously it’s the best. It’s soft, natural, and directional. Half of studio lighting is an attempt to recreate window light.
  • Feed the baby- A full belly will make the baby happy, and happy babies take good pictures.
  • Keep the scene simple- Avoid clutter that will distract from your subject. A pretty blanket as your background, a nice onesie or swaddle, and maybe a stuffed animal and you’re great!
  • Play with the angles- Try from top shooting down, get eye to eye, or move back, just vary it.
  • If you have other kids or friends' kids, include them in the pictures as well. Interaction introduces narrative, and that’s when you get the real human feel.
  • Don’t forget the details- Close ups of the bottom of the feet or their tiny hands can be the cutest.
  • Don’t forget the context- Grab pictures of baby in his/her room or on your bed. It’s great to remember not only what your child looked like, but also how you were living.
  • Don’t force it- if now is not the time or if your child is grumpy or crying, take a break! Of course, you want nice memories of special moments but giving your child few more minutes can make a whole difference.

  • The best pictures are those that capture intimate moments. Using a tripod or grabbing selfies are fun, but they can also distract you from being present with your child and/or your partner. If you want to be in the picture, ask a friend or hire a professional photographer.

    Babies are awesome and so is your growing family. Make sure you celebrate that no matter what you do!

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