Busy moms don't have to miss out on beautiful baby books

Busy moms don't have to miss out on beautiful baby books

Charlotte Torris

Don’t forget a single detail of your 9-month adventure, and ahead! Chatbooks can help you include photos, captions, and text to help you remember the good, the bad, and the (slightly) embarrassing parts of your pregnancy.

 3 ways to get started:

  1. Start with bump pictures to document how fast your baby is growing. Include captions at every stage, documenting how you’re feeling along the way and what you’re excited about.
  2. Include text pages in your photo book that detail your most favorite things about being pregnant. Talk about the first time you heard the heartbeat or felt that first kick.
  3. Don’t be shy. Have you had any awkward bump encounters? Have strangers tried to touch your belly? Are you experiencing any weird cravings? Journal about it so you (and Baby!) won’t ever forget!


And once your little one arrives, you can compile all of their biggest moments in beautiful baby books that last a lifetime. Chatbooks offers Custom baby books in which you can choose your cover and upload photos straight from your Instagram, Facebook, and Camera Roll to create exactly the baby book you want, with up to 366 pages per volume.

Or set it and forget it with a Series, perfect for capturing all those baby photo firsts — from that first day home to the first day of school, and everything in between. With 60 pages per volume, you can document your wee one’s journey to childhood with a beautiful baby book album Series.


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