How to choose the Best Breast Pump

How to choose the Best Breast Pump

Charlotte Torris
With so many breast pumps to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. The best way to pick a breast pump is to consider how you will need to use your own.

Breast Pump Types

Double Electric Breast Pump - An electric breast pump is a small motorized pump that creates suction in order to extract breast milk. Most need to be plugged into an outlet to work, others are battery-powered. A double electric pump empties both breasts at the same time while a single electric pump only extracts milk from one breast at a time.

Manual Breast Pump - A manual breast pump is a single pump that requires you to squeeze a handle or lever to create the necessary suction.

Hands-Free Breast Pump - A hands-free (or wearable) breast pump is an electric breast pump that fits directly into your pumping bra.

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Hospital-Grade Breast Pump - A hospital grade breast pump is a multi-use rental breast pump designed for mothers with medical issues preventing them from properly breastfeeding their babies, or for mothers of babies with genetic issues in the NICU.

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How Do I Choose a Breast Pump?

When deciding on a breast pump, consider these features.

Suction Strength - We surveyed Aeroflow moms and found 82.9% of moms said suction strength was very important when choosing a breast pump.

Do you need help kick-starting your let down reflex to stimulate milk flow? Do you want to pump faster? Do you need a little assistance fully emptying your breasts? Then a pump with a higher suction strength may be helpful.

Portability - If you plan to consistently commute with your pump, consider the weight and the size. You may also want to consider a battery-powered breast pump in case you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.

Customization - A breast pump with suction strength and speed settings will allow you to customize your pumping experience. The more suction and cycle levels a breast pump offers, the closer the pump can mimic your baby’s feeding style.

Discretion - Do you want to pump on the down-low? Consider choosing a pump with a quiet motor that fits easily into your purse or pumping bra.

Simplicity - Forget the bells and whistles. You just want a durable pump that works. Check out breast pump reviews and warranties to find a pump that you can depend on throughout your entire breast pumping journey.

Power Source - If being able to pump on the go matters to you, be sure to find out how long battery-powered pumps last on a single charge and whether they come with a rechargeable battery or standard batteries. Also, see if your pump has a DC power adapter to be used in a vehicle.

Warranty - Due to the medical nature of breast pumps, they are non-returnable. However, all breast pumps will come warranted through the manufacturer. Please note that the warranty may differ for pump motor and parts.

Connectivity - Do you want to track and monitor each ounce you pump? Then consider breast pumps with advanced features, such as BlueTooth connectivity to track your pumping schedule in an app on your smartphone. 


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