Track Those Milestones! NEW Fledglings’ Flight Child Development Tracker App

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Track your child's development and milestones from day one with Fledglings’ Flight Child Development tracking app



80% of the brain is developed in the first 3 years of life. Then the brain begins to prune the connections in the brain that are not being used. You can create critical connections in your child’s brain through play-based exercises and sensory experiences. 
The Fledglings' Flight app provides knowledge, guidance, and tools to help you guide your child's developmental progress through play with therapeutic exercises for children 0-3 years old designed by professionals that specialize in fine motor skills, mobility, mental growth, emotions, sensory, speech, and vision. The experts at Fledglings’ Flight did the research so you have resources & exercises at your fingertips featuring 100 play-based exercises each month and a 1200 article library. 

Join with a Basic Membership at $24 for the year!

What You Get: Basic Membership allows you to track the 812 milestones that your child should achieve by their 4th birthday. Information that you report will be used to create a developmental profile for your child that will indicate if they are developmentally delayed, on-track, advanced, or asynchronous. The daily use of expert-designed play-based exercises will help keep your child developmentally on track or challenged if they are advanced.  You can help to create critical connections in your child's brain through play-based exercises and milestone tracking from the moment they are born with Fledglings’ Flight.

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